Saturday, 13 September 2014

Game of Blogs

BlogAdda’s newest initiative is to #CelebrateBlogging with a series of contests, starting with one called a Game of Blogs. Teams of bloggers take turns creating a round robin story of sorts that they post to their individual blogs.

Team: Blogsters 


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""No, this isn't the right thing to do! God will never forgive us. Don’t you know I'm married?!" Tara said in a trembling voice. Her worst fears were coming true.

"I know you are married, Tara darling, but that man Shekhar doesn’t stand a chance with a beautiful girl like you."

Before Tara could say anything, he continued, "Look at you, Tara! You are not just beautiful but much more than just that. You could every Bollywood actress a run for her money! Why are wasting your time with a bald—"

Tara cut him off, he may be speaking the truth but this was her personal life. No one has the liberty to speak about her or her married life.

“Listen here—” she began, but this time, he was the one who cut her off.

"You can't deny the truth, Tara," he said and sealed her mouth with a kiss.

The kiss was less passionate and more out of need. She wasn't sure whether to play along or stop it. But who was he? He wasn't Shekhar for sure. Though his face wasn't clearly visible in the dark, with the passion with which he was kissing her, she knew it had to be someone else.

Where did she meet this man? How had she landed up with a stranger in a cozy expensive hotel room? She had to stop this. She pushed him away and opened her eyes.

“Oh my god,” she sighed. It was just a dream—an image from her past. A night she had tried hard to forget. The night that had cost her everything.

She checked her mobile phone, it was around six in the morning. She emptied the water bottle she kept by her bed. She wasn't usually this thirsty in the mornings, but the memories assaulting her now were enough for her to gulp down a full bottle of water.

‘A new morning, a new start to life’ is what she should have thought, but her new life wouldn't be so easy. Getting out of bed, she looked in the mirror.
She hung her head between her slumped shoulders as the memories washed over her, helpless before their onslaught.

Mirrors never lie. It reflected how much she’d changed in these three years. The dark circles around her eyes clearly reflected the number of nights she had gone sleepless.

The same eyes which were the centre of attraction of many parties were now looking dull. She could almost hear the words again now, “Look at you, Tara! You are not just beautiful but much more than just that. You could every Bollywood actress a run for her money!” No one would be saying that to her now.
Tara darling, now you can scare the hell out of anyone, she thought. And it was all because of him.

I hate you Shekhar, I really hate you, she thought, looking into her dull eyes. How can I ever forgive you for what you’ve done to me? I want my daughter back. I don’t care what it takes, I’ll spend my life savings just to get back my angel, Roohi.

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“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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