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The Promise

             "Some Promises are worth keeping !! "

Author: Nikita Singh

Published By: Grapevine Publishers

ISBN: 978-9381-841-16-7

About The Author:

Nikita Singh is a famous Indian author and editor from Patna. She graduated in Pharmacy, only to pursue her writing career later. She is the editor at Grapevine Publishers. Singh also speaks regularly in TEDx conferences. 

She has written other books like the Unreasonable Fellows, Love @ Face Book and Accidentally In Love. Singh also wrote the Backbencher Series under the pen name, Sidharth Oberoi.

Book Blurb:

‘The Promise’ is a romantic novel which describes the tragic love story between the two main characters, Arjun and Shambhavi. 
Shambhavi has a tough life, but she doesn't frown about it. Her passion to explore the creative arena leads her to pursue interior designing regularly. She tries to get the best out of her life by not bothering about money. She works to be happy. 
One fine day, Shambhavi meets Arjun, who is rich. Being a businessman, making money is always on his mind. Having lost his family and after having been betrayed by his lover, Arjun doesn't believe in love. But when Arjun meets Shambhavi, he falls for her head over heels. He appreciates the happiness, joy and cheer she gets in his dull, empty life. 
But then one day, Shambhavi reveals a disconcerting prospect to Arjun, which brings a sudden twist in the story. He is reminded of a similar situation in his previous relationship which led to their separation. The way he reacts to these circumstances will decide the course their lives will take. Because of Shambhavi's love for art, she bonds more with her father gradually. 
But then a terrible accident traumatizes them emotionally and physically. Life just gets tougher for Shambhavi's family with another hardship on their plate. But these events showcase things about her to Arjun that he didn't notice the first time. The Promise portrays how the story goes ahead considering Arjun's negligence and Shambhavi's rough times.

My Review:

Where should I start from?? Even while writing this, my eyes are almost moist. I love reading love stories and when the author is “Nikita Singh”, I don’t need to think twice before picking it up.

The book is about the love between two characters, Sambhavi Sen and Arjun Datta. Sambhavi, a cheerful girl chooses an unconventional career for her. Irrespective of many recent trends, she tries her hand in Interior Designing. While working for a project, she meets Arjun Datta, owner of Datta Enterprise. She gets amused when she finds that Arjun is just 29.
For both of them it was more or less, love at first sight. The simple yet attractive looks of Sambhavi attracted Arjun, meanwhile, the rocking personality of Arjun attracted Sambhavi.
Things were almost in its place, until Sambhavi confronted him that she is bearing his child. Hearing this, Arjun wasn’t excited but frustrated. His past haunts him back and he leaves Sambhavi referring her as slut and doing such for money. Rather than aborting, a rejected and dejected Sambhavi decides to raise her child single handedly.

Well, that’s not the end!!! Many things are yet to take place in Sambhavi’s life. To know the entire story you have to read the book. It would be completely unfair for the author if I disclose everything here.

P.S. Trust me when I say, I had to skip a few pages because I am not that strong to read such emotional stuffs.

My Rating: 5/5
(Oh! there wasn't any second thought after completing the book.. This is definitely one of the best I have ever read..)

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