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The Pink Smoke


A story filled with Love and Nicotine”

Author: Shomprakash Sinha Roy

Published By: Grapevine Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-818-4131-0

About the Author:

Shomprakash is a technical consultant at Dell International Services and currently resides in Bangalore. He belongs to a generation of infant adults who grew reading the words of J.K.Rowling. The concepts of magic and good literature seems pretty close, via definitions, by the time he stumbled upon the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and then got steadily inspired by a rising breed of Indian Authors.

Prior to this manuscript he has been published alongside a host of international contributors in The Traversal of Lines, an India/UK Cross Cultural Anthology. Additionally some of his short works and novellas including This is Friday and The Chief of Baghdad have seen the light of the online world in the Amazon Kindle format.

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Book Blurb:

Sid’s life is Mellow, yet messed up. What happens when his affinity for perpetual bliss collides with the pink theories of love and the dark recesses of Addiction.

Siddhant Roy is an adolescent evolving into adulthood. His ideas on human attachment and addictions are driven by the people around him. As he learns about life in a strange city, he begins to embrace popular culture and plunges head first into the fresh and welcoming arms of love. The elusively pink & feminine sentiment of his muse drives him insane but keeps him happy.

His experimentation with desires, addictions, Bangalore, people and places leads him on a journey towards the eviction of subtly fragile emotions. Join him and his best friends- polar opposites, Ashish and Saahil – as he narrates his tale of love, grass and life.

My Review:

The story starts with a prologue where the protagonist, Siddhant Roy narrates his life to Anil Roy; a stranger whom he meets just some while ago. Set in the backdrop of Bangalore this story takes you back to your engineering life (If you are an engineer too).

Siddhant Roy never wanted to be an engineer rather he wanted to be a writer. In fact he was working on his manuscript Touchdown since his school days. His parent might have never allowed him to go Bangalore if he had wished to pursue anything else but Engineering. So to dream a life in the so-called Electronic City of India he chooses Engineering.

His life wasn’t a fairy tale and it wasn’t that bad either until he broke up with the girl, Nikita Sen. He met her through a social network and soon their text conversations changed into phone calls. They got committed, made love as if there is no tomorrow and when everything was going good, Nikita’s past intervened their relationship.

You might be thinking what’s so special in the book. It’s just like any other teenage love story. Okay, let me tell you some more things about this book:

Apart from love stuffs, this book will take you into a real world where you could easily witness the protagonist’s struggle. Every page will make you crave to know what’s happening in Sid’s life. Trust me when I say: if you are an engineer, after finishing the book you will definitely say, “This is so me” (Like I did.)

All I could say is this story is a mixture of love, romance, lust, erotica and life. Reel, yet so Real !!

My Rating: 4.5/5

(A must pick.. I read it while I was traveling in a train and to be honest, I didn’t even realized how I covered the 15 hours journey while reading the book)

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