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Oops! I Fell In Love


                                   "Just by chance"

Author: Harsh Snehanshu

Published By: Srishti Publishers and Distributors

ISBN: 978-8188-575-79-4

About The Author:
Harsh is a third-year student of IIT Delhi pursuing a B.Tech degree in engineering physics. Being a prolific blogger, he has written over a hundred articles, poems and short stories.

He wrote his debut novel, “Oops! ‘I’ fell in love!” in 2009, while he was in his second year engineering. His second book, “Ouch! That ‘hearts’..”came out in 2011, while “She is single I’m taken”, being the third part of the trilogy, got printed in 2012.

He is a professional traveler and currently, he is hitchhiking across India working on his fifth book: Route to Roots. Before travel, he was an internet entrepreneur. He has keen interest in public speaking, photography and music.

Book Blurb:

Oops! ‘I' Fell In Love is an Indian college love story set in IIT-Delhi. This modern time love story was written by Harsh Snehanshu.
The story is about how love is possible between not only people of different cities but of different personalities as well. In this story, Kanav Bajaj is a new hopeful engineering student at IIT-Delhi from a small town in Indore. Since he was from a small town, the big metropolitan city was intimidating him and he struggles to fit in. He being a shy and studious boy falls in love with the unlikely Tanya, who is completely opposite in nature compared to him. She is a cheerful girl from LSR, Delhi.
Snehanshu also includes a few more interesting characters such as Kanav's friends Aryan, Anuj and Sameer, who add life to the story. Will Kanav and Tanya have a beautiful love story in IIT-Delhi amidst the social, college and parental pressures or will their differences keep them apart?

My Review:

I love reading love stories and whenever I see any such books with some good reviews on Amazon, I order it in no time. I picked this book only for the good reviews it had got on Amazon and by some bloggers but I end up disappointed.

This book, ‘OOPS! I Fell In Love’ is about the love between ‘Kanav’ and ‘Tanya’. Set in the backdrop of IIT-D the book takes you into the world of IIT and IITians. Kanav meets Tanya at the birthday party of his best friend, Richa. The beauty of Tanya makes him spellbound and his eyes got struck to her leaving everything around. More or less for both of them it was a kind of love at first sight. As the story goes on, Kanav confronts his feelings to Tanya and 2 months later she accepts his love. On their very first date, Tanya’s mother catches them kissing, she slaps Kanav and sends Tanya to U.S.   

And that’s the end. Yeah, that is the story of this book. There is nothing interesting to read or write about. The Author tried to make the climax interesting but I personally feel he messed up everything making the book a NO, NO!!

The only plus point of this book is its writing style. With a very simple and easy language the author has portrayed the story quite well to which you could easily connect to. Apart from that there is nothing great about this book. If you are looking for some quality love story novels then you should never think of picking this.

My Ratings: 2.5/5
(If you have bucks to spend on anything and everything then you might pick this book or else a big NO)

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