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When Only Love Remains


              "From the bestselling Author comes another
                             Heart-Stopping Love story"

Author: Durjoy Dutta

Published By: Penguin Metro Reads

ISBN: 978-0143-422-64-8

About the Author:

Durjoy Dutta was born in New Delhi, India, and completed a degree in engineering and business management before embarking on a writing career. 

His first book- Of Course I Love You was published when he was twenty one year old and was an instant bestseller. 

His successive novels- Now That You’re Rich; She Broke Up, I Didn’t; Oh Yes, I Am Single, Till The Last Breath and others have also found prominence on various bestseller lists, making him one of the highest-selling authors in India.

Durjoy also has to his credit two television shows, Sadda Haq (Channel V) and Veera (Star Plus), both of which have done exceedingly well on Indian television.

Connect the Author:

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Book Blurb:

She’s a flight attendant—young, bright and living her dream. He’s a heartbroken singer on his way to becoming big.

She’s an ardent fan of his. He can’t imagine why and yet seems to find comfort in her words.

It’s the first time they are together and in their hearts both are wishing, hoping and praying that the night would never end. That the time they are spending together lasts and lasts…

My Review:

‘Durjoy Dutta’, the name itself is enough to describe the awesomeness. I was eagerly waiting for the release of this book and the moment I saw it in Amazon, without any second thought I hit the buy button. I read it on the same day it got delivered.

This story, “When Only Love Remains” revolves around two characters;; Avanti, the female protagonist is a young girl who has big dreams but a simple way of living. No matter how much sad she is, only one voice is enough to bring back smile on her face. And that voice is of none but Devrat’s youtube songs/videos. Devrat, a passionate guitarist left out engineering so that he could make a career in music world. A break-up in the past made him even more passionate toward his only love; Guitar. Now in every girl he tries to search his lost love; Arundhanti.

Avanti being one of the fans of Devrat was desperately waiting to meet him. She was very much attracted towards his music and towards the person too. Finally when destiny brings them closer and they fall in love with each other. And when everything was going perfect for them, fate changed the track.

You might be wanting to know more but I am sorry to say it would be completely unfair to the Author if I write the entire story here. To know Avanti and Devrat’s story you need to read the book. Up to page.193 the story is full of love and would surely bring smile on your face but when you will turn the next pages, I bet you will have tears on your eye.

My Rating: 4.5/5

(If you love reading love stories and cry your heart out then this is the book you could never afford to miss. Go buy it now.)

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