Wednesday, 26 March 2014


"Best Friends are Forever"

Author: Ishita Bhown

Published By: General Press Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-809-1415-2

                                                                     About The Author:

Ishita Bhown, born and brought up in Jaipur, has recently completed her B.Tech and is currently working with a leading software firm based in Noida. 'I am what I am, easy to know and difficult to understand', she claims.

Her bubbly and talkative nature is the reason behind a long list of friends who she believes are an integral part of her life. Her hobbies include blogging, philately and reading.

'To Get Her' is her debut novel and she is excited for your feedback.

From The Book:

To Get Her' is a sassy story about a simple girl who enters the fascinating world of engineering with a lot of dreams and aspirations but the very first day of the college makes her face the appalling realities of a 'not so simple' life that awaits her. If her own problems weren't enough, a cynical local gangster decides to turn her life upside down just to get to talk to her best friend, to revive a long lost one sided love affair. If it wasn't for the support of her friends who stood by her side, she would have broken up completely.

The story takes you to the college campus, the carefree days and the excitement each day brought from the first crush to romantic fantasies, strange co-incidences, to big misunderstandings, from detective instincts to protective feelings. Most importantly it tells you the importance of friendship and togetherness. Enjoy ToGetHer, where each page unfolds a new experience and keeps you wanting to read more.

My Review:

We are living in an era where Engineering is the preferred professional course. We have heard a number of cases of ragging and though we fear to be a part of such chaos, we prefer doing Engineering.

Ayesha (the protagonist) of the story takes up engineering leaving her old school friends behind. She feels nostalgic at first, but very soon gets adapted with the surroundings. Her bubbly and friendly nature helps her making new friends but she always preferred to be in a group with whom she can freely share all her feelings. Even in the college her group was limited to Lakhist, Rohan, Snigdha, Jia and few others.

Life was going all good for her but a single misunderstanding between her and Rohan made her life upside down. It was in the end of her last semester when she lands into a big trouble. To know her entire story you need to read the book. It will be unfair for the Author if I write everything here.

The story isn’t that unique. It’s a simple story of a girl, Ayesha and her friends. The language in the book is simple and easy to read. A total of 23 chapters in 176 pages can be quickly finished (For me, it took around three hours.)

If you are looking for an easy and quick read, you can pick this book.

My Rating: 3.5/5
(A good Friday read; simple and quick) 

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  1. Nice review, from now onwards, I will read your reviews before buying any contemporary book. :) My readings are still lingering on the oldies and certain classics. I know, I need to get out in time :D

    1. Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my blog... :)