Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Jadoo of Your Love

"..... yes, why can't we fall in love again ???"

Author: S.R.Saha

Published By: Srishti Publishers and Distributors

ISBN: 978-93-826-6500-7

About The Author:

S.R.Saha (Shubha Ranjan Saha) graduated as a Mechanical Enginneer from IIT, Madras and is presently employed with Air India as Chief Aircraft Engineer.

He has previously authored the best selling novel, “Jab se You have Loved Me: the story of an IITian & an airhostess.”

From The Book:

In the final year of college, Anurag’s life was falling apart – he vowed never to see Aditya, his best friend of many years again. Of course, what Aditya did was unpardonable.

Not just losing his best friend, Anurag’s love Urmi too get married to someone else the day unemployed Anurag got the job of a flight purser in an airline company.

In this page-turner of a spellbinding novel, every reader would ride the crests and thoughs of myriad emotions – love, hate, anger, depression, excitement and joy that fill life’s every moment and savor the essence of true love that is mystic and magical.

My Reviews:

It didn’t took me long to finish this book. The book is of only 155 pages and written in a very simple language which makes it an easy read.

Like any other love story, this book speaks of a story where Anurag (the male protagonist) falls in love with Urmi (the female lead of the story). When everything seemed well in its place, Urmi asks Anurag to get married. Being a jobless, Anurag asks for some time before settling in. This hurts Urmi and she ends up marring to a person of her parent’s choice.

Heartbroken Anurag tries hard to get back Urmi but fails. He struggles all through his life by joining as a Flight Purser in an Airline Company. The story then moves on narrating his life and his struggle.

So would Anurag be able to get Urmi ?? Where Urmi is ?? Is she Happy with her life ?? To know, you have to read the book. It would be unfair if I disclose everything here.

A good love story but not an unique one. The use of Hindi titles for each chapter takes away the flow of the story and I am slightly disappointed for it, though I was not expecting anything better. If you have read some good book on love stories then this book won’t interest you. 

My Ratings: 2.5/5 (An okay read, but I won't like to recommend this book)

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