Thursday, 20 March 2014

Life Served Hot

" -- Best Taken with a pinch of Salt"

Author: Shomprakash Sinha Roy

Published By: Grapevine India Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-818-4110-5

About The Author:

Shomprakash Sinha Roy stays in Bangalore and works as a content developer at Dell Inc. He has previously written The Pink Smoke to narrate the initial stages of his life’s events in a censored fictional basket (his own words). He loves books, and has a fantastic collection of classics and contemporary hits.

He joined engineering in 2008, but eventually dropped out, owing to a difference in opinion with his college authorities and multiple medical complications. He later attended grad school at th Institue of Charted Financial Analysts in India, to work his way towards a degree in Business Management. He claims that his greatest sustainable experience stems from the struggle he has witnessed.

From The Book:

Siddhant Roy is back in Bangalore after being detained and having had a really depressing semester. He wants to rebuild his life from scratch without looking back…

But he is an engineering student, after all. It never gets easy!

He makes a bunch of new friends, who takes him on a journey where he crashes into strange apartments, gets drunk and pukes halfway across the city, tries to start an online social network and watches all his efforts fail miserably.

He faces denial, acceptance, love and hatred, all in the span of less than a year. He must now make a choice, whether to silently withstand the oppression of his sinister & stubborn college principal, or to risk everything and take his own stand.

What will Siddhant do????

My Review:

This might be a fictional book but this book will make you confront with the reality. No doubt we are living in a century, where every other person is an engineer or a doctor but here the Author has something different to say.

Siddhant Roy, the protagonist of the story returns to Bangalore to continue his engineering where he was detained in the previous year. He decides to start his life afresh. He befriends Ridhim, Vishal, Gaurav and others and life started running smoothly for him. But Life isn’t that easy, is it ??

Things then started becoming hard for Siddhant. His parents were informed about his boozing, from none other than the principal himself. Nothing went good for him. When he was thinking to start a new life with his –ex, she left him and moved on, leaving him behind as a loser.

To know the complete story, you need to read the book. It would be highly unfair to the Author, if I write everything here.

The best thing about this book is its writing style. The Author has beautifully written the book making it a good read. It has a gripping story where you will find no option but to turn the page. Like me, I bet, you will crave to know the story of Siddhant Roy.

My Rating: 4/5 (Obviously, a good read. you can easily connect with the character). 

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