Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Jab se You have Loved Me

"The story of an Airhostess & an IIT-ian"

Author: S.R.Saha

Published By: Srishti Publishers and Distributors

ISBN: 978-93-803-4915-2

                                                             About the Author:

S.R. Saha was born in Calcutta and did his schooling from South Point High School. After graduating in mechanical engineering from IIT-Madras, he joined Indian Airlines (now Air India) as a trainee. Presently he is working as Chief Aircraft Engineer with Air India and based in Kolkata.

A number of his short stories and articles have been published in renowned dailies and magazines. This is his debut novel. He is an ardent fan of Kishore Kumar and Rahul Dev Burman and has plans of starting a fan club someday.

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From the Book:

Atin is a first class IIT graduate. But he sells cheap Chinese gadgets for a living.

His Love: Ujani is a first class Bio sciences graduate from Calcutta University. But she gets the job of an airhostess.

His friends:
Luv prepares to be Chartered Accountant But ends up working for a stockbroker.
Iqbal is a graduate in philosophy. But he is a shopkeeper.
Russel Raj has a Ph.D from an American University. But he has no job.

In this extraordinarily gripping and hilarious story of love, life, friendship and adventure do these young people finally make it?

My Review:

Well, this was my second book from the same Author. The book has a lovely cover which attracted me and that’s the reason I picked this book.

As the title suggests, Atin (protagonist of the story) is an IIT pass out. After graduating from IIT, he is in search of a job. While attending an interview for a job, he meets Ujani (female protagonist of the story.) As happen in other love stories, Atin falls in love with Ujani. Then there is a twist in the tale, Ujani gets a job with Pan India Airlines and moves away to Hyderabad. But the distance between the couple were not enough to break them apart.

Despite being an IIT pass out, Atin’s career never reached high. He leads a simple life; in technical terms a Loser’s life. To know Atin’s story and his struggling life you have to read the book. It would be unfair, if I write everything here.

Though the language in which the book is written is quite good, the story isn’t something which will attract you. The ending is more or less like those of the Ram Gopal Verma movies. Perhaps, the Author has tried to make the book a bit filmy.

My Rating: 3/5
(An OKAY read but I won't recommend this book)

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