Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Half-Baked Love Story

Author: Anurag Garg & Gunjan Narang

Published By: Srishti Publishers and Distributors

ISBN: 978-93-803-4967-1

About The Author:

Anurag Garg: Not yet a Bachelor of Technology, he’s not so sincere student of Bharti vidyapeeth’s college of engineering, New Delhi. After being an unknown pass-out from St. Xavier’s School and having tried a hand at journalism, he finally found his forte in writing. Simple living and plenty eating is his funda in life.

Random thoughts, eligible to be put together in the form of a storyline dragged him to his destiny.

Gunjan Narang: As aspiring educationalist, polishing her mind and teaching skills at Miranda House.

Assuming that she was never born to be a teacher, fell in love with the profession and faced a similar accident in case of writing. Writing, to her, is a means of influencing masses. A sudden encounter with a friend brought her into realization of a hidden spark in her and here she is, with her first recognized work.

From The Book:

Have you ever: Been a prey to love at first sight?
Proposed your girl after boozing and fainted before knowing her answer?
Went to your first date with an empty wallet?
Got caught kissing your girl by none other than her father?
Risked your IIT exam, to meet her for the last time?

Well if this excites you enough, here is an enchanting read for you all, " A Half-Baked Love Story "

From the first glimpse to the last letter, what happes finally ????

My Review:

If I ever get a chance to change a book’s end then I will surely pick this book. My eyes were almost moist even before finishing the book.

As the title speaks, this book narrates a love story; love between Aarav and Anamika. The story begins describing Aarav as a rich brat sleeping with every other girl he gets attracted to. But this behavior of his isn’t something which he inherited; it has something to do with his past life.

Sometime later, after boozing in a party, he began to narrate his past. He narrates how he met Anamika for the first time and more or less falls in love with her at the very first sight. As of his shy nature, he feared to propose her at first. And when he gathered the courage to propose her, he fell down before hearing her answer.

To know the story of Aarav and Anamika, you need to read the book. It would be completely unfair to the Authors, if I describe everything here.

The story of the book is just like any other love book, but the Author’s style of writing makes it different from others. Certainly, this book is a page turner and I bet you will never feel bore while reading the book. 

My Rating: 4/5
(If you love reading book on love, then you can't afford to miss this book !! )

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