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The Thing Between You and Me

Author: Sagar Sahu

Published By: Srishti Publisher

ISBN: 978-93-803-4906-0

About the Author:

Sagar belongs to the village, Kansabel of district Jashpur, Chhattisgarh. He completed his schooling from Bilaspur and later graduated from MLB college of Excellence, Gwalior in 2008 with a degree in commerce. “The Thing between You and Me was during his second year. He is a movie freak and likes the buzz of ad hoc journeys. Actually the book was just an expression during a filmy turn of life but later it gave him an eternal impression.
Sagar can be contacted at: www,

From The Book:

“Those who don’t believe in love - like you, or don’t have the permission to love someone – like me, often become a part of historical love stories,”

Samvedna – a typical South Indian girl – says to Saransh, a dying-to-be-wealthy MBA aspirant. He has lovely friends, a rich job, and his Aphrodite – Samvedna.

Still Saransh searches for something.

What is he searching for? How? And Where?

My Review:

This is a poor book.. Wait!! I am not saying about the writing or the story. Unlike other books which start from IITs and IIMs, this book has characters from a small educational institution and that’s why I call it ‘poor’. The story is mainly about Saransh, his dreams and his lady love, Samvedna.

Well in short the story is something like this,

Saransh, son of a Naxal, joins a management college at Nagpur and there he meets with Rahul, James and Sikander. And it is in the management college where he met Samvedna and falls in love with her at the very first sight. As the story goes, Samvedna falls in love with him. But this love in Saransh’s life distracts him from his ultimate dream i.e. to be rich. So instead of love, he chooses his dream and sacrifices his only love, Samvedna.

So what happens next?? Can Saransh be happy ever after?? Can Samvedna forget his love?? To know read the book (what will be the use if I write everything here.)

“When Life goes filmy” – is the tag line for this book and that attracted me to pick it up and read. Well, I have read some other reviews of the book and they say this book is a bestseller. I am not disagreeing to that but I am not agreeing to it either. There isn’t any greatness of this book, it’s like the same love story which I have read. If you are beginner in reading novels, you must pick this book.

The ending of the book is emotional, it might make you cry but on the other hand you may also feel how filmy is that and that’s what the book speaks..

“The Thing Between You and Me – When life goes filmy….”

My Ratings: 3.5/5 (A Good Read)

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