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                                                            "Not Every Story, Has A Hero..."

Author: Suman Bhattacharya

Published By: Srishti Publisher and Distributors

ISBN: 978-93-826-6506-9

About the Author:

Suman Bhattacharya is an Electronics Engineer by education and a Software Engineer by profession. Bugged by his old love for literature, he decided to share a story with the world that he started penning years back as a student.
He is an avid reader and a prolific viewer of movies in different languages, and has a passion for freelance journalism. Having his origins from Kolkata, Suman s now settled with his wife Karpur at Noida.
In his own words: “If Error Code Love” can influence even one Indian teenager’s life, I’ll feel privileged.”

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From The Book:

“I would give anything right now to reverse the clock by 24 hours. But my karma won’t let me, I have to compensate for what I’ve done.”

Kolkata, 2008: Driven by a crazed love, Dev, our next door shy software engineer commits the biggest mistake of his life. Over 72 marathon hours, he loses his education, career, love, and life by a single act of madness.

Bengaluru, 2012: Years later, Dev reaches Bengaluru in search of a better life. Destiny brings him face to face with his first love again. He chases the same impossible dream only to find himself burning and falling in love.

Error Code Love takes you on an epic journey through the roads of friendship, jealousy, obsession, mistakes, redemption and ‘love’. It raises questions allied to grey areas of teen emotions and lets you find the answers within.

My Review:

Error Code Love is a Triangular love story, oops sorry, it’s a quadruple love story.. Sorry again, ECL(Error Code Love) is a simple yet beautiful love story of Dev and Neera.

The story starts with Dev reaching Bengaluru to start life afresh leaving back all his past. He gets welcomed by his best friends, Rishi and Isha. Both were his engineering college mates, in fact Isha was Dev’s first official girlfriend.

So the story in short is somewhat like this,

It was during their engineering college days when Dev fell for Neera. But before he could propose, Neera was already in love with Neel. This hurt Dev’s ego, he then decided to show Neera that even he could possess a girlfriend.

Dev, then proposed Isha (his best friend who cared for him). Isha took Dev’s proposal seriously and accepted. Their relationship lasted around six months and then happened that thing which changed everyone’s life altogether. That incident devastated Dev’s career, it took his so called relationship, and took everything from Dev giving him with a LOSER tag.

Well, what would be the use if I write the entire story here, you must read it to know more. And as a book reviewer I would say that this book doesn't have a different or a heart touching story but definitely it has an interesting story to tell. You can realize the pain and agony only if you could get into the shoes of Dev and assume yourself as him.

On a personal note, this is the lengthiest book I have ever read but even for once I didn't thought of putting it down. To be honest, I was half way down, around 150 pages and the book gave me no idea what the real story is. The Author gets full mark for keeping the suspense for so long without making bore. 
To be precise, I didn't feel bore even for a single time during the whole read and the Author gets full credit for that.

My Ratings: 4/5 (An Interesting Read)

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