Wednesday, 4 December 2013

25 Strokes of Kindness

“Witnessing an act of kindness,
Will always warm any person’s heart….”

Author: Nikita Singh and Orvana Ghai

Published By: Grapevine India Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-818-4134-1

Other Contributors:

Asfiya Rahman, Anjali Kripalani, Arashitaa Sehrawat, Arushi Pathak, 
Drishti Dasgupta, Himanshu Chhabra, Husna Advani, Ishita Das, 
Kalyani Manojna, Namrata, Naman Kapur, Nanya Srivastava, 
Nikhil Khasnabish, Nikita Singh, Paromita Bardoloi, Ricardo Vaz, Parul Tyagi, 
Pernasi Malhotra, Preeti Shenoy, Prity S, Rafaa Dalvi, 
Renuka Vishwanathan, Ruchika Thukral, 
Sachin Garg, Sakshi Budhia, Shomprakash Sinha Roy

My Views:

25 Strokes of Kindness is a book consisting of 25 short stories each telling an act of kindness.

The moment I saw there is a new book of my favorite author Nikita Singh; the author whom I love, respect and admire, without any second thought  I grabbed it for100 bucks.

It rusted on my book shelf for a week or so because I do not read collection of short stories, it always disappoints me. Anthologies generally are not so descriptive and it leaves you guessing the never ending part.

This Saturday after dinner when I opened the book with no excitement, the first story ‘OUROBOROS’ by "Nanya Srivastava" astonished me. I had never expected that such a story could be a part of an anthology.

I moved, this time with a little more excitement to the next story, ‘Is it Kinder to Give or Receive’ by “Asfiya Rahman”, it made me speechless again. It was something different, something unique which I had never read before.

And then there was now time looking back, I spent the whole night reading the book and I must say, this book is really worth reading. It made me cry, smile, and overjoyed too.

All the stories are really worth reading. I have some personal favorites;

‘Pentimento’ by “Rafaa Dalvi” ; ‘Fifteen minutes’ by “Nikita Singh”
‘The Lost Girl’ by “Arushi Pathak”  and many others in fact all.

The only story that disappointed me was, ‘Six Rupees’ by “Husna Advani” ; the ending somewhat is confusing..

P.S: Its a fact that Nikita Singh is my personal favorite but still I never got biased while writing the review..

My Rating: 4.5/5 (obviously, A Pick)



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