Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Never Let Me Go

Author: Sachin Garg
Publisher: Grapevine India  ( )
ISBN: 978-93-818-4100-6

From The Book:

On being kicked by life, harder than he ever imagine, Samar had three options:
  • He could look life in the eye and fight back
  • He could succumb and do something that would haunt             him forever
  • He could flee to a place where there were no traces of the blow he had received.

My Views:

The main character of the story is Samar Garg and the story begins with Samar narrating the incidents of his twenty first year.
Kanika was Samar’s girl-friend from last one year and they were a lot happier in each other’s company. The love between them was totally lovey dovey type and life was all beautiful for them. Samar never wanted anything more from his life as he was having a drop dead gorgeous girl as her life partner. 
But then life twisted for Samar all of his dreams and happiness were devastated when he found Roy(Samar’s roommate) kissing Kanika in their apartment. Before Kanika or Roy could make him understand the situation, he was completely broken and took a train to goa; as he was trying to run from his life.
Just in a day, his whole life changed, he lost interest in living and in search of solace he started working in a shack located at an unknown beach of goa. He met with another girl, Navya Sharma and they became friends; or perhaps just a need of each other. Navya fell in love with Samar but for Samar, she was only a friend.
After knowing Samar is in Goa, Kanika decided to meet Samar and clear everything between them. She went Goa in search of Samar to clear the misunderstandings between them and to make him come back into her life.
Kanika was an aasthma patient and the day when Samar saw her kissing Roy she was having an aasthma attack. Roy was giving her mouth to mouth respiration treatment but Samar took round wise.
But before Samar could realize the real thing, Kanika left the world; she died.
A nice lovable story with a sad ending.....

Read or No Read: Obviously, I would say, A Must Read Novel...

My Ratings: 4.5/5

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