Wednesday, 2 October 2013

2 States

Author: Chetan Bhagat

Publisher: Rupa & Co. ( )

ISBN: 978-81-291-1530-0

From the Book:

“Love marriages around the world are simple”
Boy loves girl; girl loves boy; they get married.
But, in India there are few more steps
Boy loves girl; girl loves boy;
Girl’s family has to love boy;
Boy’s family has to love girl;
Girl’s family has to love boy’s family & vice versa.
Still, girl and boy love each other;
They get married.

My Views:

The protagonists of this story are Krish & Ananya.
The story begins in a dramatic way as Krish narrating his life story to a doctor precisely, a psychiatrist.
Krish meets Ananya for the very first time at IIMA canteen's mess where the latter was having an argument with the head chef. It was more or less like a love at first sight for both of them. Few days later after their first meet and some group studies both realized their love for each other. And very soon they became inseparable love couple. But as it is said, in India love marriages are not as simple as it looks like; things for them also started becoming tough.
As Krish was a guy from North India, his family was in search of a rich girl who can bring loads of dowry to the family. Basically, Krish’s mother wanted a Punjabi girl so that she could boast about it.
On the other hand, Ananya’s father (a typical South Indian) was trying to get her marry with a boy who works in a foreign country and earns a respectable amount of salary.Since both the families belonged to two different states, their taste varied.
So to convert their love story into a love cum arrange marriage they had to fight a tough battle in making their parents agree. And ultimately, in this case love wins…

A perfect, sweet and romantic love story which will take you to the real Indian society; a cheap mentality society where caste and kundli are being more preferred to love and life..

Read or No Read: I would say, a must read Novel

My Ratings: 5/5

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